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This cheerleading class is for youth, teens & adults who want to learn competitive cheerleading but are not quite ready for the full commitment of a team.


The skills learned in Cheerleading 101 cover the basics of cheerleading and routine work. Coaches train athletes on jumps, motions, basic tumbling, and stunting.


Athletes who take Competitive Cheerleading are very well prepared for tryouts for Competitive  Cheer and even National Cheerleading

If you would like to join our Cheerleading 101 class, please visit our Join Now page.


All-Star Cheerleading

All-Star cheerleading is a little different from the things you see on TV like school cheer and dance largely because of its focus on competing. There are no games to cheer at, no spirit-raising and most of the athletes on each team will not even attend the same school.
You'll notice that we refer to the participants as "athletes" rather than by any other name and that's because of the caliber and intensity of training that they do on a weekly basis to be able to contribute to his or her competitive team.

Our all-star program has a place for everyone, regardless of skill level. The teams are placed into divisions, which are based upon age, size of the team, gender of participants, and ability level. Coaches will typically train their athletes on individual skills and team components for months before choreographing routines that combine those skills together to be judged against other teams in their division.

At AiM Cheer we will work on athletes for approx a month to work with them to get the skills required for the team they are placed in. After this, we will spend 1 session learning the first half of choreography and another session to learn second half. No amendments to the routine will be made 1 month before competition as this will confuse and frustrate athletes. 

We want AiM Cheer to be a fun, hardworking, highly competitive programme.

Our Competition teams will train Saturdays between 13:30 to 16:45. Confirmation will be sent to athletes once they are allocated a team.