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 We are proud to have such a large portfolio working with some of the biggest names and brands across the UK.

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Our talented team  have already performed  jaw dropping demonstrations.

AiM Team are across the UK this year with our new AiM Experience Van.

Not just coaches we have years of experience in adverts, live performances, Film work and coach and performing in large in events across the UK.


With the UK's largest portable parkour stage and multiple portable setups to choose from we are proud to offer an array of choice for events or festivals. 

From our air track to flip on to our potable skate park, fitness equipment and of course parkour we have allot of equipment to choose from to insure a high standard delivery and performance.


Live performances to coaching with the aim to insure a fun packed show that is guaranteed to wow your audience,  who will be amazed and left thinking is that humanly possible.

AiM Experience is aimed at schools and events to deliver coaching and a jaw dropping performance at the end that everyone wont stop talking about. 

With a highly talented team we offer some great performances that are choreographed uniquely for you.

Book your EXPERIENCE today.

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Our portable equipment list:

  • Air Track

  • Trampet

  • Monster parkour stage

  • Parkour boxes 

  • Safety Mats 

  • Skate park + skate boards

  • Fitness equipment


To find our more please contact us to see what we can offer your event. 

Perfomances include:

  • Urban sports tour

Pick and choose more than one sport from your favourite urban acts including BMX, Trials Biking, Skate Boarding , Free Running & Break Dancing.

  • AiM Experience 

Workshop and a talk for the whole school works by one of our highly qualified coaches delivering short sessions throughout the set time then a talk and performances to end it all and insure a time to remember. 


We provide the equipment needed with every booked performance and talk. All equipment has been designed to fit into most venues and a venue visit would be required before the confirmed date to insure that the day runs smoothly. 

  • Parkour show

​Parkour is all about getting from a to b the fastest way possible demonstrating  strength, precision co-ordination as they flip and leap across any obstacles in there path.

  • Dance show

Break dancing  performance an energetic and acrobatic performance brings the energy to an event with our own speakers and professional athlete's ready to put on a show.

Multi award winning breakdancers from around the UK, set up in no time as all they need is a smooth floor ! Don't have one ? we do. 

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All shows are choreographed to music and can be presented/commentated by our very own compare, with crowd participation and prizes to be won, this show is set to offer a highly entertaining and unique performing experience ideal as a corporate icebreaker, children’s birthday parties, opening awards ceremonies, family entertainment, urban events, and the general public.

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