Our gymnastics classes are exciting and energetic for all ages, we focusing on engaging all our athletes, session plans are designed for the age and level.
Recreational gymnastics is a fun introduction into gymnastics.

Recreational Gymnastics
Monday - Thursday: 4pm till 8pm
Mini Gymnastics 
Ages 4 - 6 
Time: 4pm till 4:45pm

Junior Gymnastics
Ages 7 - 11
Time: 5pm till 5:45pm

Ages 11+
Time: 6pm till 7:45pm


Gymnastics classes


Under 4's

Teddy Tumble sessions are 45 minutes sensory play for under 2 years. These are parent-led sessions where you can spend quality time with your little one, while catching up with other parents too! Age: under 4's Price:Only £3 per session Days: Saturday 11am till 12am

Junior Gym

Junior Gym focuses on the age and ability of the indaviduale pupils in each class while encouraging them to try new gymnastics moves in a fun and energetic way. Ages: 7 to 10 £5 per class Days Monday - Thursday Time: 5pm till 6:45pm

Teen Gym

All levels will be considered and the coach will adapt to the session to focusing on ensuring that each pupil is learning and challanged in each class. Our sessions will be a good taster to more advanced classes coming soon. Ages: 11 to 16 Days: Monday - Thursday Time: 6pm - 7pm Tricks and Flips Saturday 2pm till 3pm

Adult Gym

Lets get moving, our adult gymnastics class is styled to be a open session with a coach on hand at all times. The Adult session is for all levels new and old to the sport that want to give ago or just flip into the foam pit. Ages: 16+ Days: Monday and Thursday Times: 7pm till 8pm Price £5 per session


Each age catergry is taking into account. We insure that all our sessions are focusing on the movements for the sport. The class is desigend to keep the little ones active. Ques ? No our classes are small as we have two coaches working together to split the session up so the classes are not contantely quing. Ages 4 to 6 Cost £5 per session Day: Every Monday - Thursday Time: 4pm - 5pm

Gymnastics for all ages.

- Baby balance  under 3's 

- Mini gym  Ages 4 - 6 

- Junior gym  Ages 7 - 10 

- Teen gym  Ages 11 - 16 

- Adult Gym  Ages 16+