DATE: 3rd, 4th, 5th July 2021 !

Inspire Movement Gathering is the first event of its kind in Wales! With the perfect balance of Tricking, Parkour and Freerunning through the entire weekend, bringing you the opportunity to hangout, train, observe and more importantly to learn from some of the greatest athletes up close and personal.
We will be brining out two air tracks and more to allow you to push your limits and try new moves.

The venue is designed as a indoor outdoor feel for all movements. We have a trampette, air track's, mats, foam pit, NEW SPRUNG FLOOR !, Parkour area, Awesome cafe and so much more.

Special Guests?

- Kyle Skelly:  Plan Zero 
- Jordan Edward's
- Kris Breadie: Hadouken Academy 




  • A signed waiver must be complete before coming to the day.

  • If you are buying the "CHILLED OUT" or "FULL SEND" pass and looking to stay overnight in the gym you will need to be over the age of 18 year old

  • If you are staying over a sleeping bag / pillow will need to be brought.

  • Sunday night sleepers will need to confirm and this is limited and will need to be confirmed when purchasing the ticket.

  • No Alcohol or drugs can be consumed on the premises at any time anyone caught under the influence will be asked to leave immediately with no re fund.

  • By purchasing the ticket and attending you agree the terms and conditions.

The Details


Friday is a welcome day for all athletes to see the venue and start training.
Start time 2pm - Sign in
Warm up - Open session after sign in / briefing has been done.


Saturday is the main day you can train with professional athletes some of which will be delivering seminars on all movements from free running to tricking.
We will be hosting our first Night show filled with tricking battles (1v1)(Team battle) with prizes to be won.
We will be hosting for free running / Parkour a speed run course best time. Style competition looking at flow, jumps and big tricks.
The competitions will be friendly and all inclusive to insure a good vibe throughout the weekend.

Saturday Times:
Chilled out or full send it pass: 9am till late
Day time pass: 1pm till 6pm
Night Show: 6pm till 9pm

Saturday - Sunday breakfast optional at £3 for breakfast roll / coffee tea.


Sunday is more of a chilled out day looking at the moves you have mastered throughout the weekend. This day allows you to get closer to the pro's as the gathering officially ends at 6pm. HOWEVER - For those who have purchased a chilled out or full send it pass have the option to sleep in the gym Sunday night.

Sunday times:
Chilled out or full send it pass: 9am till late
Option to stay but will need to leave by 11am the next day.
Day time pass: 1pm till 6pm



Whats included:
-Full access to the gather for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
-Access to enter to the competitions / battles.
-Please bring sleeping bag / pillow if you are staying !


Whats included:
-Breakfast included
-Full access to the gather for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
-Access to enter to the competitions / battles.
-Access to all seminars.
-Pro photoshoot with the pro athletes !
- Three free sessions for free roam to be used within a year.
-Please bring sleeping bag / pillow if you are staying !

Day time pass - £18

Book a day either Saturday or Sunday Whats included:
- Access to train in the facility from 1pm till 6pm
- Train with the pro's

Night Show - SPECTATORS - £10

SATURDAY NIGHT ! What included:
- Access to see the pro athletes battle it out on the equipment in a friendly competition. The guys will be demonstrating some high skills in the parkour area or on sprung floor.