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Gymnastics, Parkour, Tumble, Flips & Tricks, Ninja Skills & Cheerleading

Please fill in all sections fully and to the best of your knowledge. If you are under 16 this MUST be filled in by your parent or guardian.

Is the participant under 16?

Are there any medical/health information that we should be made aware of (include any relevant disabilities, medical conditions, allergies or supervision requirements) if so please give details or write N/A *

Regulations made for the safety and comfort of all participants are to be observed at all times. If it is considered that any participants behaviour is incompatible with the safe enjoyment of any activity the organisers/instructors reserve the right to exclude/remove the participants responsible. Under these conditions no refunds will be given.

Photography and video, for promotional purposes only, may be taken of participants whilst taking part in activities. (If for any reason you do not wish photographs or video to be taken please inform the activity organisers/leaders personally.)

I give permission for emergency medical treatment to be administered to the above named participant in the event of an emergency.

Parkour & Freerunning, Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheerleading and other activities at AiM Sports Academy can be dangerous and injuries/accidents, regardless of severity, are sometimes unavoidable even under the strictest safety guidelines. By signing I agree that I (parent/guardian) take full responsibility for the actions of the above named participant and will not hold AiM Sports Academy or its coaches legally or financially responsible for any injury sustained, under any circumstances, by the above named whilst participating in any session.

I have read and accepted the conditions outlined above. If under 16 this section must be filled in by your parent//guardian. Full name:

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