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Nerf Event & Parties 

15th Febuary 


'Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge' around AiM Sports Academy.

For Ages 6+


Team up and take down your opponents to win.

Choose your gun and run around our venue in a unique way. Use the parkour area and equipment as a unique battle ground don't forget to bring your hiding and parkour skills.


  • Safety Glasses will be provided

  • Safety Vest will be provided

  • Soft NERF bullets 



All V ALL battle it out and become the ultimate nerf warrior !! 

Team v Team

Two teams battle it out to win the champion.

Beat the boss 

Beat the boss and take down the master.

Watch out the boss has the best gun in the game !

No product


You can now book a nerf party with us. 

If you want the ultimate party package which is packed full of fun, then the all new nerf party package is what you want!!!

What is it all about?

Well what better way to use a sports facility by using the obstacles to not only run, jump, climb and vault over but now to also hide behind and use as barricades to try and eliminate your enemy team in a fun filed friendly battle!

What we offer?

Well upon arrival we will I've you the following:

- Gun

- Bullets

- Safety vest

- Safety goggles

- Safety briefing 

The birthday boy/girl will get first pick of weapon and also get an extra 5 bullets, you will have vip access to the whole venue.

there are also addons available such as food packages and special weapon hiring, you may also purchase more bullets at front desk.

Any queries please contact us via email or our Facebook page.

Minimum of 10 participants for this party package.

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