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AiM Army BLOG #1

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Army Army page is our new online platform to allow you to stay up to date and connected with us.

You can now join us for weekly videos from the team in and outside the venue and tutorials videos were you can learn new skills.

Top Burning Questions

How do I stay connected?

Keep an eye on this page!

We will be launching live videos and weekly videos for you to stay updated starting well today ( 23/03/2020 )

Is it free?

Yes, this is going to be a free service however, we do have a donate button so that if you can support us it will help massively.

How often will it be updated? We are hoping to have a new video each week and possibly a live every 2 weeks. Let us know what you want to see!

What is your favourite sport?

Let us know what kind of content that you want? Are you a Parkour beginner and want to learn basic pre jumps? Are a you looking to learn a basic forward roll. This page is for you guys to let us know.

Challenge of the week

Lets set the 1st challenge !

Your challenge is try a safety roll and forward roll making sure not to use your hands to get up.

Message us below and stay in touch.

Stay Connected!

Follow us on social media and share this to anyone you think might enjoy it.

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